Patient Testimonials


We have always stated that our patients are our best cheerleaders.  We value our patients who have been so kind as to take the time to comment on the efforts we put forth.  It has been said that "Those who know you the best, love you the most." Please enjoy our "Wall of Fame"

"Dr. Eberly explained to me very thoroughly my issues and took an aggressive approach..."

" I discovered I had high cholesterol and high triglycerides about 7 years ago on my 30 year old annual physical,  I had always been very active so I was surprised by the blood results.  For some reason, I could never get my numbers to go in the right direction even with medication.  I met Dr. Eberly at Greenville Indoor Rowing this year (2010) when he began taking my 6 a.m. class.  I mentioned my cholesterol issues one day and he took his time to explain to me the tests he had available at his office.  I made an appointment, had my blood tested and Dr. Eberly explained to me very thoroughly my issues and took an aggressive approach to get my numbers to go in the right direction.  He even provided an appointment with a dietician, which really helped me understand more about food and cholesterol.  I am very pleased with Dr. Eberly's patient/doctor relationship and see him as a friend.  I look forward to a long relationship as we continue to watch my numbers go in the right direction."

- Mark Dease | Instructor - Greenville Indoor Rowing

"...thank you for your dedicated service over the past 11 years"

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for you dedicated service over the past 11 years.  We started our visits with you shortly after your practice opened and because of you and your staff we have continued over the years.

You, Lori and Mandy are all very compassionat4e, caring, understanding and personable.  It's nice when you need to see a doctor and you are able to get in that same day or no later than the next day.  It means a lot to us when you or one of your staff calls after a visit to check on us and follow our progress. 

We think it's important to have family doctor who is devoted to his patients and can assist in their physical needs as well as spiritual needs.   We look forward to continuing this great doctor/patient relationship.

- Barbara & Mark T.

"I have always found Dr. Eberly to genuinely care..."

Dr. Eberly has been my family doctor for the past 20 years and has always been there to help my family whether it was for illnesses, injuries or routine physicals.  I have always found Dr. Eberly to genuinely care about the health of me and my family and to provide us with sound professional medical advice.  I would highly recommend Dr. Eberly and his staff to anyone in the Greenville area who is need of a very good family physician.

Mike Spitzmiller | Senior Vice President - South Carolina Bank and Trust

"John routinely ... exceed[s] the standards of excellence"

I've Known John Eberly for over twenty years.  During this time, I've noticed that his patients are well-informed, well-prepared, and -- most important -- well-cared for.  John routinely goes the extra step in looking for disease and exceeding the standards of excellence in care.  I especially appreciate the warm regard his patients have for him and the kind words they share about his office. John's a good doctor and a good person.

- Blake Meyers, MD | Jervey Eye Group

"...the treatment & service you provide is personal and caring."

Dear Dr. Eberly,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and your wonderful staff (Laurie & Mandy) and others for the wonderful and professional job that you do.  You're caring and knowledge of your business is unbelievable, and the treatment and service you provide is personal and caring.  It's not a normal treat for you guys not only to be my doctor and staff for the last seventeen years but also friends.

Dr. Eberly God has put many wonderful people in my life over the years, but God has truly blessed me having the opportunity to have you and your staff as my medical provider.

Dr. Eberly thank you for your care, and especially your counsel and witness and the wonderful conversation we have had over the years. God Bless.

- Walt Scully

"[Your] medical care ... made the last year of his life healthy and full of the joy of life."

Dear Dr. Eberly

The medical care which you gave my husband Francis and your recommendations and referrals made the last year of his life healthy and full of the joy of life.  Thank you for you dedication to the profession of medicine and your patients.

- Mary D.

"...we are proud to call you not just our doctor, but our friend."

Dear John,

As the November 2006 article in Greenville Magazine points out, our 20-year journey since staring Erwin-Penland Advertising in 1986 has been fantastic, challenging, educational and ultimately, extraordinarily fulfilling.  Starting with just one employee that first year, it was difficult (even with our youthful dreams) to imagine that we would grow to become South Carolin's largest advertising agency - with more than 160 employees and clients that included some of the nation's most respected brands.

As we reflect on "our first 20 years," it is interesting and significant that one of the things the three of us have in common is a relationship with you and your fine staff at Eastside Medical Group.  Not only have you provided care to each of us, but as the years have gone by, you have been a critical part of taking care of our children and our families.  We are indebted to you for that, and we are proud to call you not just our doctor, but our friend. 

- Joe Erwin, Gretchen Erwin, Allen Bosworth

"You'll feel at ease in talking with Dr. Eberly about any problems..."

Eastside Medical Group is made up of a Doctor and his Staff like any other practie that one turns to for medical assistance.   Yet, Dr. Eberly, along with his Staff offer a great deal more than one finds elsewhere.

My Family and I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Eberly and his very competent Staff.  As a patient at Eastside Medical Group, you'll feel compassion and a "go out of their way" attitude for you best healthcare and recovery.

You'll feel at ease in talking with Dr. Eberly about any problems and he will be caring and honest in every way.  His staff is extremely helpful, polite, friendly, and will do all within their power to help with all issues.  It is a great feeling to be known and called by name when in their office. 

There are not enough words to compliment Dr. Eberly and his Staff....They are Great. 

- Dallas Schaaf

"If you are looking for a fine Christian Doctor, go no farther..."

We have been patients of Dr. John Eberly for approximately 14 years.  we are very pleased wit the quality of care He and his Staff have given us.  When we call for an appointment, we are always seen as soon as possible.  he and his staff strive to maintain their appointment schedule with little or no waiting time.  Dr. Eberly will always greet you with a smile and a kind word.  He listens to your concerns.  he will never hesitate to send you to a specialist if he feels it is required.

Lab and x-rays are all done in the office by Laurie who by the way never misses your vein.  Amanda who makes you appointments also always greets you with a smile and is always very helpful.

If you are looking for a fine Christian Doctor, go no farther, check with Amanda for an appointment.  You will be very satisfied.

Chuck & Sue Lofland

"Dr. Eberly, you always take time to listen to us..."

Dear Dr. Eberly, Laurie, and Office Staff,

We just wanted to take an opportunity to tell all of you how much we appreciate each of you.  We were among your first patients when this practice began in 1992. Through the years we have presented you with many ailments and unique problems and as always, you were there for us. Dr. Eberly, as you minister to our physical ailments, your genuine compassion, not only as a doctor but also as a Christian is so greatly appreciated. 

So many doctors now can't be reached except through an automated system but when we call your office, a PERSON is on the other end of the line.  You can't imagine how comforting that is when we are not feeling well or have an emergency.  Dr. Eberly, you always take time to listen to us when we have concerns; and Laurie, all these years you've shown real interest in our well being, not just because it's your job.  Many times someone on the staff calls back later to see if we are doing better.  We have always felt that our health was utmost importance to all the staff, not just Dr. Eberly. We hae learned through friends that many doctors won't see their patients even in an emergency without a setup appointment.  If these patients can get by the the automated phone line and talk to someon they are told to go to the emergency room even if they're not sure if it is an emergency and just need reassurance.  These automated phone lines allow the doctor's office to call you back at their convenience but when it's an emergency or you are just frightened that it could be an emergency, how reassuring is that?  When you have been away, you have always had another doctor on call and the one time we had to use your stand in, he was also excellent.  Dr. Eberly, you and your office staff are really appreciated by us and we're sure many, many more of your patients. 

Dr. Eberly, we know that a doctor's family had to make many sacrifices for a doctor to be as dedicated to this profession as you are and we just wanted you to know how we feel about your staff, and to thank your family for making these sacrifices..

Love in Christ,

Roger and Jean DeHart